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I’m so glad you stopped by! This is the place where you can find information about my work as a Christian nonfiction author and speaker, and how you can purchase my books. You will sense in my articles and books that I feel as though I can’t survive without a means of writing. Take away my pen and paper or keyboard and I’m like a snowed-in Little Leaguer gone stir-crazy! I need to say what’s on my heart in the way I know best. With all that presses in on us during any given day, we will languish if we don’t deal with the cumulative weight. While we each have different ways of coping, my way is to cope with it on paper. It is in the black and white that I sort through the cares that would otherwise overwhelm me if I didn’t know God’s promises.

My writing is a result of conversations with God as raw as a wound, study of His Word as vivid as a mirror, and ministry to the needs of others as joyous and humbling as a newborn baby’s cry. If my words can bring the reader to a deeper relationship with God, they have accomplished their purpose. My prayer for you as you read my writing is that you will see the weight you need to confront and the God you need to encounter in a way you’ve never known. God bless you on this journey.

Member of the Texas High Plains Writers
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