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Sand Crab Sentiments: A Tide Pool of Poetry
A collection of poems written over a forty-year span will encourage you in your walk with the Lord in a sensory way.

And the Award Goes to ... She Who Shed Hypocrisy
This book could be grouped with books on Christian Living as well as with memoirs. It is a powerful testimony to the astonishing ways God works when we allow hypocrisy to be chiseled from us. The following is a review of this book:

From the introduction on I was captivated by your book. It is well written and you are so transparent. Understanding your grandma and her background that caused her to mistreat you is a great way to help others learn to forgive and have compassion for their parents/guardians. Your willingness to share about the sexual abuse not only removes your shame, but will help many who have been victims as well. When you pointed out that it takes a stronger person to forgive, I realize that we don't always understand this truth. I also think that your book shows the process of a life in God. We aren't perfect and we are
continually growing through our lives. It isn't a one-time event and we are perfect. We all have to work through our imperfections, sins, and scars. The enemy is good at his job, but God is better. I highly recommend your book and know it will help others who struggle with their private world.

-Kathy Depew


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